Careers at Maru/Matchbox

Careers at Maru/Matchbox

Relationships matter

At Maru/Matchbox, we cherish the relationships that drive our work, not only our clients and community partners, but also our colleagues who strive to make a difference everyday. We empower our people to be the best they can be so they can grow their careers, achieve their aspirations, and thrive. We offer a dynamic, high-performance and inclusive workplace that is committed to deliver both results and speed in our work.

What our colleagues are saying

“Having spent more than 12 years in large companies, moving to Maru/Matchbox has been a personal and professional refreshing change. The team spirit of Maru/Matchbox is very gratifying and the research 100% technological is innovative in Latam, which represents the challenge of learning new things and boosts the creativity applied to work.”
- Noelia Bellucci, Qualitative Director (Argentina)

“Having worked at some of the bigger global research firms in the industry, it’s refreshing to see how nimble an organization Maru/Matchbox is – something which is undoubtedly driven by technology being in our DNA.”
- Joe Corace, Director, Client Development, Sales, Consumer Insights (Chicago)

“The Maru/Matchbox team strikes a great balance between working independently and collaboratively. We challenge each other to provide the best thinking regardless of job title. Bottom line, it’s just a great work environment.”
- Lucas Melbye, Vice President, Research, Public Affairs (Toronto)

“Matchbox is a great company to work for with lots of opportunities for growth and an awesome culture. I really enjoy being part of a strategic and collaborative team that strives to deliver the best outputs with every project, every day.”
- Audra Priluck, Vice President, Media & Entertainment, Sales (Los Angeles)