Consumer Goods & Services

Build compelling brands that engage consumers and drive loyalty

consumer insights

Gather real-time insights on the growing needs of today’s consumers and uncover key data about what motivates them. Make informed, strategic marketing decisions with ongoing consumer feedback from idea generation all the way to the store shelf.

Maru/Matchbox Consumer Goods & Services Communities

Global Connect

Provide consumer closeness with speed, substance and scale in over 30 global markets. Execute customized learning streams that drive fast, iterative and ongoing insights that support teams across the organization.

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Cohort & Category

Gather key insights from a very targeted subset of individuals - from millennials, moms, and hispanics, to healthy-eaters, tastemakers, niche segment consumers and other high-value market segments. Help your clients identify market white space, assess opportunities, test brand strategies, showcase new products and spot emerging trends.


Understand who wants what, when and why, and use these insights to accelerate product innovation. Combine mobile-friendly qualitative and quantitative research to quickly ideate, evaluate and refine new product concepts hand-in-hand with target consumers.

Shopper Intelligence

Get ongoing strategic, tactical and in-the-moment shopper insights with on-demand access to hyper-targeted shopper types. Filter your target audience by specific channels, retailers, categories, brands and market segments.

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Tap into customized research engagements for rich consumer goods & services insights

Cross-Category Whitespace

Use targeted consumer analysis to unpack how consumers view increasingly complex category layouts and how they group brands, products and benefits. Compare brand/product benefits across categories and reveal opportunities for new product innovation and category reinvention.


Explore iterative co-creation with a technology-driven approach that allows consumers to create their preferred product. Uncover which consumer-driven combinations drive purchase behavior and use insights to optimize product marketing and delivery.

Virtual PackTest

Make quick, confident decisions about packaging and product placement. Propel pre-launch refinements based on detailed quantitative research and insights into market, revenue and volume decisions.

Virtual Shelfset

Leverage an online virtual shopping experience to provide real-world data on behavioral product and category interactions. Make quick product and package evaluations based on the quantified impact of new products, aisle flow and reach, revenue and volume.

Tumultuous Times: A Quick Service Restaurant Insights Menu for Surviving and Thriving

"One of the things that I thought was value add with Maru/Matchbox is that the organization was able to help me understand what we were investing in. If you can help me paint the picture, then I can be able to champion within the organization. And tools such as the global insight community or beverage design experience are really critical in enabling us to get that intimate relationship sooner across our brands, across our categories and across our functions."
Pamela Chinn Mittoo
Manager, CCNA Product Guidance Global Research & Development
The Coca-Cola Company

Customer Stories

Shelf Awareness

A large CPG client asked us to provide support as they contemplated making changes to their existing shelf designs for cosmetic products to yield greater purchase conversions and help advance the shopping experience. The study concluded that cosmetic shoppers have clear preferences when it comes to the hierarchy of products on the shelf, helping the client make critical merchandising refinements and exceed their product sales objectives.

Message in a Bottle

A national alcohol beverage distributor wanted to understand the impact of new label messaging. We designed a visual exercise as part of a larger pack-testing study to track where respondents were drawn to on the labelling. Research results clearly showed the new package messaging was being overlooked, giving the client an opportunity to tweak the placement and make it much more impactful.

Secret Sauce

A major food industry client approached us to help them create the next best premium pasta sauce. We quickly assembled a community of dedicated foodies to participate in a start-to-finish co-creation process. The project resulted in a co-branded licensing venture with a major Italian restaurant chain. Research results were used to validate consumer need, product positioning, flavor profiles and package design.