Financial Services

Engage directly with today’s savvy consumers to deliver insights, anticipate trends and outpace the competition

Our financial services industry focus delivers intelligent conversations on sector priorities. Connect directly with your customers to gather insights, share knowledge and design smart products and services that build loyalty.

Maru/Matchbox Financial Services Communities

Innovation Lab

Test products and services, optimize messaging and get insights on what consumers and stakeholders are thinking about. Draw a straight line between concepts and ideas with a marketing strategy informed by fresh feedback from the target audiences that matter most.

Customer Experience

Gain key insights into customer behavior by analyzing and mapping the paths consumers take when considering, buying or engaging with a new product or service. Make informed decisions based on deep consumer and trend analysis to help shape your customers buying decisions.

Smart Content

Ask the questions that matter most to your business, and connect directly with thousands of consumers. Make your marketing efforts strategic and impactful - tell your organization’s story with targeted studies on topics that will resonate with the media, your customers and prospects.


Engage, innovate and refine with trusted insights from a community of investors and brokers who are engaged with your brand. Tap into their experiences to gain strong competitor insights.

Foster authentic ongoing customer relationships to inform product and service innovation

Mailbox Platform

Deliver higher open rates and activations on direct marketing initiatives. Participants complete an online virtual exercise of sorting and stacking mail that gives you realistic insights and data to inform creative and improve development and process efficiencies at every stage.

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Build a competitive advantage with deep consumer intelligence data focused on the rapidly evolving areas of payments, lending, wealth and insurance. Get benchmarks on a multitude of existing products and new ideas, concepts and offers. Tap into opportunities and unmet needs in market.

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Product Needs Segmentation

Test and refine your value proposition with the right people. Personalize consumer research - get a clear understanding of how and why people are engaging with your product or service through ongoing engagement with your targets.


A one-of-a-kind product optimization methodology, our clients engage thousands of consumers in evaluating how an offer can be maximized to improve adoption and profitability. You can efficiently evaluate and war-game thousands of potential product designs and select the winning strategy, based on modeled impact to your profit and loss statement.

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Business-Minded Financial Services Solutions

Charged and Ready

A leading US bank approached us to help them re-configure their entire business credit card portfolio, and to define the ideal configuration and positioning of the product suite. We also worked with them to design profitability and spend forecasts to ensure competitive differentiation in the market.

Feedback Loop

We helped one of the largest mutual fund providers in North America develop a direct-to-consumer engagement strategy, creating a complete feedback mechanism that includes investors, advisors and industry experts.

Customer Support Done Right

A global payment processor engaged us to establish a segment-driven product and service strategy and end-to-end feedback mechanism. The solution allows the business to effectively support its customers on an ongoing basis.