Media & Entertainment

Go beyond ratings and gain valuable insights from your audiences

Use deep consumer analysis and insights to cut through media saturation. Make informed decisions to quickly refine your branding and deliver high impact content that engages your audience on the right platforms – and supports your business goals. Leverage authentic ongoing community relationships to get up close and personal with hard to reach market segments.

Maru/Matchbox Media & Entertainment Communities

Entertainment Brand Franchise Management

Drive informed, strategic growth with timely feedback directly from fans of your franchise or brand. Nurture ongoing, direct conversations to test the effectiveness of storylines, product placements and sponsorship opportunities. Analyze trends and probe topics as they become relevant.

Audience Intelligence

Pinpoint exactly the right audiences to target with informed insight that links media consumption to what consumers think and feel. Combine passive behavioral data with the ability to survey and profile consumers to quickly test the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Advertising Effectiveness & Optimization

Test, improve and retest the impact of your creative advertising efforts on your target market segment. Optimize the impact your campaign, and target new prospects in addition to customers who already love and buy-in to your brand.

Content/Product Evaluation

Evaluate written concepts, program talent and titles, and beta test new products to perfection before they go to market.

Engage and innovate faster and smarter through tailored research engagements

Creative Evaluation

Connect consumer analysis with strategic marketing initiatives. Optimize creative and minimize risk by testing your creative assets with your target audience at every stage. See how creative is really making people feel and respond.

Brand Image & Equity

Discover the relationship between brand image and consumption to improve messaging and uncover opportunities in the marketplace. Drive up sales by understanding which aspects of your brand image matter to consumers and how you compare to your competitors in the market.

Media Evaluation

We target specific audiences to evaluate media content by using large, nationally representative samples for the same cost as local testing.

Ad Sales

Demonstrate value with specialized advertising products, and deliver metrics that help advertisers measure spend effectiveness and ROI.

Infographic: Streaming TV’s Formula for Success


Customer Story: Strong Promo Leads to Strong Ratings

A cable entertainment network asked us to help them determine which of two creative executions would drive the strongest season premiere viewership for one of its most successful original programs. Respondents were divided into demographically identical cells for exposure to one of two creative executions.

 After providing a diagnostic evaluation of the assigned promo, each respondent was exposed to both promos and asked which they preferred. One execution clearly outperformed the other on promo rating and intent to view. The family-friendliness of the winning promo was the big difference between the two. The top promo went on to support the show’s season 2 premiere, which has garnered the strongest ratings for the series to date.