Public Affairs

Create more than a mission your stakeholders believe in, build a relationship they trust

Your stakeholders are your most valued asset. Engage directly with them to get valuable insights to help you refine ideas, programs and policies. Build impactful campaigns that grow your brand, move people to action, and turn your stakeholders into loyal ambassadors.

Maru/Matchbox Public Affairs Communities

Stakeholder Engagement

Refine new programs, policies and campaign ideas easier and faster with insights from key influencers and engaged citizens.


Uncover insights about the key groups you want to connect with. Engage, innovate and refine easier and faster with trusted consumer research and analysis.


Tap into the power of co-creation with participants who are invested in your cause or field. Issue new offers faster and more successfully. Unlock opportunity by identifying unmet needs in the market by analyzing consumers and market trends.

Consumer Intelligence

Drive fast, iterative insights through a community of customers and prospects engaged on hyper-targeted categories, brands and segments.

Customize research engagements to embolden your mission and build your brand

Reputation Builder

Hone in on the most critical aspects of your reputation. Manage and build trust with customized metrics specific to your organization’s DNA and challenges.

Campaign Impact

Measure key performance indicators before, during and after a campaign. Market strategically - cut costs by reducing risk with informed insights into campaign impact.

Donor Journey

Quickly identify key behaviors throughout the donor journey. Use donor insights to refine new programs, policies and campaign ideas that achieve maximum impact, faster.

Market Segmentation

Understand who wants what, when and why. Use informed insights from deep consumer research to refine campaign messaging and offers easier and faster.

Connection Compass: How Emotional Connections Drive Donating

“We’ve worked with the Public Affairs team at Maru/Matchbox a number of times, and have been consistently impressed by the care they bring to the research process and the rigour of their data analysis. Their evidenced-based work has given us the insight and courage to make bold choices to keep pace with a fast changing world.”
Beth Jost-Reimer
Director Marketing and Communications
Christian Blind Mission
“We partnered with Maru/Matchbox to execute a public poll about cycling infrastructure in Toronto. The data gathered through Maru Voice Canada gave us the credibility we were looking for at City Hall. The Public Affairs Team was able to turn around the data quickly. We were happy with their research and consulting services.”
Michelle German
Senior Manager, Policy and Partnerships
“We worked with Maru/Matchbox to design and execute a Museum visitation study, successfully conducting in-depth interviews and a large scale quantitative survey on a compressed timeline. We were quite pleased with their insightful analysis and engaging presentation, and are now in the process of putting this work into action as we continue our positive trajectory as an organization.”
Arlene Madell
Head, Marketing and Communications
Aga Khan Museum

Customer Story: Charting the Donor Journey

A world-renowned charitable organization came to us as they faced two critical challenges: existing donors were not renewing their support, and new donor acquisition was lagging despite fundraising initiatives across Canada.

We worked with them to gain a better understanding of the charitable giving landscape, find new ways of managing donor relationships and design tailored marketing and communications efforts to connect with consumers and re-invigorate the brand.

In the two years since, the charity’s cancellation rate has dropped and new programs, offers and campaigns are being developed faster, and getting to market sooner. The charity has also gained a lasting, in-depth understanding of prospective donors, what drives donations and how marketing and communications can be best designed to meet the expectations of the market.