Cut through the noise, elevate your brand and grow customer loyalty

To build rich customer relationships, you need to understand more than your customer’s likes and dislikes, you need to be knowledgeable about what motivates their purchasing decisions. Leverage trusted consumer research to gather insights on merchandising, marketing, brand positioning, customer acquisition and loyalty. Connect with your workforce to drive up employee engagement and retention.

Maru/Matchbox Retail Communities

Product and Merchandising

Zero-in on the right audience to test your products and provide feedback on product designs and materials. Detailed product and category feedback-like triggers and buying experience - will help you engage, innovate and refine easier and faster, all the while uncovering opportunities for growth.

Brand and Customer Experience

Leverage the power of your customer community to focus only on core measures of brand tracking and save that effort to dive deeper into topical content that helps to explain shifts in tracking. Optimize marketing efforts with key insights from those who are interacting with your brand everyday.


Tap into the power of crowdsourcing to bring new products and services to market faster and more successfully. A Design Thinking approach draws participants into teams focused on larger journeys, rather than one-off surveys, to spur innovation and refinement.

Associate/Employee Engagement

Open up communication lines between your associates and head office to promote retention and engagement. Create new opportunities for your brand by engaging your associates in innovation, ideation and co-creation.

Refine confidently and quickly to stay on top of trends in the retail market

Customer Journey

Follow your customer through every step of the journey to gather in-the-moment feedback and data. Ongoing insights enable you to better understand why your customers purchase your product/service, and minimizes risk during product/service launches and upgrades.

Segmentation/Persona Mapping

Penetrate consumer mindset to shine a light on the unique motivations of key target audiences. Buyer personas mapped into your CRM can have a lasting influence on your marketing initiatives.

Seasonal Mindset

Fine-tune your products, strategic marketing and operations with each passing season with a deep understanding of the changing attitudes, needs, behaviors, motivators and triggers of your target audience.

Market/Category Landscape

Connect with people from every market segment to find out who’s buying what and why. Make informed decisions with key insights to help you understand dynamics across the entire market landscape.

Meal Kits: A Recipe for Success


Customer Story: Seasonal Insights

A global apparel retailer needed to have a more holistic understanding of their customers’ attitudes, behaviors, motivators and triggers related to buying apparel and accessories for the Fall and Winter seasons.

We created an iterative learning stream using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to analyze how ‘seasonal mindset’ affects individuals’ purchasing decisions. We included online forums, deep-dive mobile and video journaling, tracking research, in-depth interviews and digital ethnography.

Insight summaries were issued after each phase of research, enabling quick takeaways and iterative builds based on learnings throughout the process. In the end, a comprehensive ‘story of the season’ emerged, lighting the way for key marketing opportunities, product planning, merchandising, store operations and digital.