Develop deep relationships with today’s tech consumers for insights that matter now

Timely and relevant insights can lead to a rich understanding of what drives customer behavior and loyalty. Capture, manage, analyze and apply customer knowledge to guide the development of new products from inception to adoption.

Maru/Matchbox Technology Communities

Enterprise Technology

Our technology-focused insight communities provide a direct link to vetted, high quality Enterprise IT decision makers and users. Get reliable insights and data about the issues that are most important to them and your organization.

Social Economy

Drive innovation and optimize strategic marketing content and platform enhancements. Gather valuable consumer data through ongoing conversations directly with your fans, followers and dedicated users.


Speak directly to gamers passionate about even the smallest feature or product upgrade. Having an ongoing conversation with a community of dedicated gamers who are engaged with your brand leads to deeper, richer insights and faster market innovation.

Innovation & Product Development

A Design Thinking approach where participants join teams focused on projects rather than one-off surveys through a detailed engagement calendar with ongoing activities and co-creation.

Employ tailored technology-oriented research solutions

Path to Usage

Deep analysis helps you understand why consumers purchase your products and services. Gather ongoing strategic, tactical and in-the-moment insights at every stage of the customer journey.

Segmentation / Persona Mapping

Gain a deep understanding of what motivates your customers. Use personas based on their mindsets and behaviors to guide your strategic marketing efforts and drive action throughout your organization.

Audience Reaction

Quickly and easily fine tune your communications, media distribution and public relations efforts with ongoing measurement of how well your message is penetrating your audience before, during and after a release.

Market Landscape

Understand the bigger picture of what consumers are doing and why they are doing it by connecting with people from every segment of the marketplace.

The Battle for Trust and the Sharing Economy


Customer Story: Personalizing the Gaming Experience

When a leading gaming company wanted to launch a new customizable controller for gamers, they turned to us for help. We created a custom interactive web app that allowed respondents to build their own personalized controller within an online survey. This real-world testing approach guided the selection of color offerings and features that were offered by the company when it went to market. Data on purchase intent also allowed the company to proactively understand how this new product would affect the rest of its controller product portfolio.