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what we do - deliver market insights

We are a sector-focused consumer intelligence firm focused entirely on better client outcomes. Our expert teams are deeply invested in key sectors of the economy, delivering insights and analysis backed by superior quality data.

Consulting Services

Sometimes data and market intelligence tell only part of the story. Our research and consulting teams draw on sector-specific expertise to deliver unparalleled insight to our clients. We can deliver informed consumer data and insights that can be acted on quickly and with confidence.

We start with creative research design, working in partnership with clients to identify the right questions and issues to explore. We use sector-focused consulting teams and established insight communities to deliver superior quality data and actionable business insights.

A selection of the broad range of custom solutions we provide:

Brand Research

Brand image
Brand tracking
Market sizing

Customer strategies

Community engagement
Consumer profiling
Customer journey


Ad testing
Audience measurement
Communication tracking


Concept testing
Product optimization
Idea filtering

Community-based research

Insight Communities

We pioneered the insight community almost 20 years ago to help clients gain a real-time window into their customers’ needs and motivations. Insight communities deliver actionable customer intelligence based on meaningful relationships between brands and their customers.

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Market Communities

Market communities are the solution for on-demand and ongoing access to relevant North American audience segments. Made up of deeply engaged, known respondents, our sister company, Maru/Blue offers online market communities with high quality, scalable samples.

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Qualitative insight

We are passionate about understanding culture, and adamant that effective business decisions should take account of both the research and the cultural dynamics and nuances that affect those we study. We consider the cultural frame in which an action or a choice occurs. We look at the deeper meaning, the symbolic underpinnings, and the cultural context.

Through market-leading qualitative excellence, we deliver innovative, strategic insights to support clients’ most important business challenges.